As I write summer is reigning all around – we can feel it in the high winds, feel it as it pours down on us, celebrate it as we splash through the puddles and play guess which raindrop is going to win the race down the window pane.  The 2nd Test Match is due to start today and, you’ve guessed it, the start has been delayed by rain at Lords.

But are we downhearted??  … I’ll leave you to answer that one.

In September there will be changes.  You may not notice them at first, but over time, you will.   On 1st September we will be welcoming our new Superintendent Minister, Cathy Bird who joins us from the London area.  And also on 1st September the Churches in the current Stockport Circuit will be joining with three of the Churches in the current Hazel Grove and Poynton Circuit and we will thenceforth be known as the United Stockport Circuit.  So, expect to see new faces in the pulpit and new faces at meetings.

Cathy will also bring a fresh approach to how things are carried out in the Circuit – she will bring all her experience to bear as we learn to work and worship together.  Let’s embrace these changes – fresh approaches in the pulpit; new hymns and songs to challenge and inspire us.

We know from the teachings of Jesus, from our hymns, readings, prayers and the sermons we hear week by week that we are called not to please ourselves, but to please God, to make God’s name known as widely as we can in the communities around us and beyond.  We are called to care for those who are vulnerable, who do not have enough to live on and to serve those who are brokenhearted.

How we do that varies enormously from bringing items for Wellspring at Harvest time, especially, items for the Foodbank – we know that use of the Foodbank is going up – to looking out for the stranger at a service or coffee morning or social gathering, especially those who look lost, new to the area or sad.

The Church – not just this building or that, not just this group of people or that, but the Church worldwide is known as Christ’s Body on earth. 

What would Jesus say?  What would Jesus think of us and the work we do? 

Does our local Community know we’re here?  Do they know what we do?  Do those groups who meet on our premises think of us as a vibrant, caring community, or have they no idea what we get up to between the times they meet?

We face changes and challenges in the weeks, months and years ahead, and it’s not always easy or to our taste or inclination.  But it is God who calls us, God who leads us, God who encourages us and gives us strength, and God who is with us every step of the way.

Happy New Year!  


Yours, Lindsay