As I write, we are well into the latest lockdown and are beginning to wonder what we will come out to. Will it be Tier 3? Will it be Tier 3+? What is clear is that … just about nothing is clear. This makes planning difficult for everyone on just about every level apart from what to watch on the telly. And even some of those programmes appear quite different!

Churches and the Circuit are working hard to put plans in place. One thing we can be pretty sure of is that this will be an Advent and Christmas like no other.

And that may, actually, be quite refreshing, and may help us to think about the message of Christmas anew.

The Circuit are putting on some events which you are invited to join in – there is a ‘Virtual Tour of Bethlehem’ on December 10th at 7.00pm, There is a cost of £5 for this and the proceeds will support the Justice and Peace Initiatives of the Alternative Tourism Group, Palestine.

On Saturday, 19th December there will be ‘Carols in the Car’ in Hazel Grove. Again there is a cost to this in part to cover ticketing costs and the remaining proceeds will go to MIND, the Mental Health Charity.

On Christmas Eve, 24th December, there will be a Circuit Zoom Christingle Service. For this you will need to collect a kit from your local Church.

More details of all this will be coming out soon.

Your local Church will also be making plans and you will be hearing about these soon.

Having said all of that, Carol Services will not be same, so dig out your Christmas Carol CDs to sing to, and look up services on YouTube, and note down what is offered on the television and radio to join in with, and enjoy the differences when you go to services in Church.

With regard to the food collections, Trinity Car Park will be open on 5th and 12th December from 10.30 until 11.30 am, with car boots open to place food donations in. to minimise contact. (The car park will be safer than on-road parking outside Davenport Methodist church. Folk from Davenport may find it easier to take any items they may have directly to Davenport when there for a Sunday morning service.) Here’s a suggestion – perhaps you could say a prayer for the family(ies) who will receive your gifts. You could pray that God will bless each one, and that they would experience God’s love for them.

With Advent approaching, I again invite you to join in putting aside just a little donation every day so that together we can buy one or more Extraordinary Gift from All we Can. I know there are so many calls on our money, especially this year, but these gifts really do change lives. They can be seen on or leaflets in church.

Till next time, take care, and God bless you all, Yours, Lindsay.