Worship for this Sunday

Lindsay will be leading worship this Sunday. For the first time since lockdown we will be celebrating Holy Communion. The service will be organised differently due to Covid 19 guidelines. We have now managed to get more chairs into church, they are now spaced at 1 metre apart but we will of course still need to wear masks. We can sing indoors but only quietly behind our masks. However, weather permitting we are hoping to be outside this Sunday. Small steps, but we are moving forward.

Olive Gosling has asked me to put in the Notices that she would like to give a big thank you all who have prepared the Sunday Services during lockdown, especially Lindsay and Judith for letting her have a copy. Olive says “I feel although I can’t be present in church I can still take part in the Service.”

Linda and Derek Highley have been visiting Stockport and wish to be remembered to everyone who knows them.

Sponsored walk

Winston is doing a sponsored walk up Snowdon on September 18th for St. Anne’s Hospice. If you would like to sponsor him, please have a word with Vicki.

Bible Study

This is continuing on a Monday morning at 10.30am through August. It has not been decided yet just what will be studied but there is a new zoom code. Please join in if you can, the new code is 823 5025 9371 and the pass code 502156.

Music for a Summers Evening.

We had a lovely evening, it was good to be able to join together socially after so long. There was a varied selection of music but all very enjoyable. We hope to have another one in the Autumn.


We give thanks for the wonderful skill of the Olympic Athletes, and the enjoyment they are giving us. We pray for those who are ill either at home or in hospital, especially those suffering with Covid and for those recovering from illness, surgery or treatment. Please remember Malcolm Seddon as he goes into hospital on Tuesday for surgery. As the children break up for the Summer holidays we pray they will stay safe and enjoy the time spent either at home or away.

.Note from Lindsay:

While restrictions are being lifted – quite rapidly now – please bear in mind the following:

"COVID-19 spreads mainly among people who are in close contact (within 2 metres). The further away you can keep from other people and the less time you spend in close contact with them, the less likely you are to catch COVID-19 and pass it on to others. Close contact, including hugging, increases the risk of spreading COVID-19."

We are therefore strongly discouraging hugging on Church premises.