Our minister is Rev'd Lindsay Kemp

She writes - ' I am Lindsay Kemp, and I moved, with my husband, Ian, to the Stockport Circuit in August 2013. In some ways it was really 'coming back' - Ian studied in Manchester and we lived in Manchester when we were first married. We are very much enjoy exploring some of the many beautiful areas nearby. We have also enjoyed going to Halle concerts each month for 9 months of the year at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester. I find that not only the music, the compositions but the musicians themselves help me to reflect on Church life and on living as a Christian.

Ian is also a Methodist Minister, working in the Stretford and Urmston Circuit, and we have worked in Derby and in Lincolnshire, and also in Holland (long story!)

We have three children; Alison who is a Social Worker and married to Marcel, and they live in Amsterdam; Michael who is married to Stacey and they are both Social Workers, working for Government organisations in areas of child welfare and vulnerable adults, and they live in Lincoln. Theresa is works for a Payroll Specialist Company and lives in Greater Manchester and so we see more of her and her partner.

Many of our other family members live on the South Coast, so getting to see them can, sadly, be a bit of a challenge!

My interests include - in no particular order – reading, cooking, gardening (when it's not cold, wet or windy!), cricket, music – I have a very eclectic playlist, but I afraid to say I’m not keen on football.

I am passionate about reaching out to people, bringing them into contact with God, in a variety of ways, and helping them to deepen and explore their relationship with God, in different ways.

I currently have one other Church in our newly extended Stockport Circuit, and also take my turn at leading the midweek services at St. Mary’s in the Market Place. I am also in the process of starting another group in Reddish.

We would love to welcome you to any of our activities here are Davenport!



If you would like to speak to me, or book a wedding, baptism or funeral, then my phone number is 0161 456 0991 or email me on ldkemp@btinternet.com