It’s not always easy to respond to all the requests we have made to us – all the appeals, all the boxes rattled under our noses, all the letters that appear through our letterboxes.  None of us can afford to respond to them all!

But there are a lot of things we can do without financial cost to ourselves.

At the moment there are many voices speaking out, and many demonstrations going on about climate change. 

Whatever you believe about this subject, it is undeniably true that a huge amount of the world’s rainforest has already been lost, and more is being lost by the day.  But there are some things you can do to help.

  •  Yorkshire Tea run projects to save areas of rainforest in several areas in South America and Africa.  You can follow their progress on the Yorkshire Tea website, and you can save the tokens on boxes of tea and pass them on to me, and I will collect them and send them off
  • There are several websites that you can visit where clicks will do a variety of good things:
  •  Care 2 – 11 clicks to help with different projects, but so much else as well, including news stories to comment on, petitions to sign – if you want to!  If you register, you can earn Butterfly rewards to spend on helping different projects.
  • Greater Good – 10 clicks for different projects, often in America, but much neede
  • Click to Give – 6 clicks to help different projects.  If you register, you can earn points to spend on one of the projects.
  • – click on the tree icon to raise money for a Swedish project
  • Brother Earth – One click per day to help plant trees in different parts of the world
  • Give Rice for free – just what it says – answer a question correctly and you will donate 10 grains of rice
  •  Join my village – for each click $1 will be donated for projects in India and Malawi
  •  Landcareniagara – click once a day to help plant trees in Canada

If all this seems a lot, don’t worry – unless I get waylaid, I can get through the lot in under 10 minutes.

• Using the Surefish website (run by Christian Aid) for each Internet search you do will earn money for a charity.  The default charity is Christian Aid, but my charity has been All We Can (formerly Methodist Relief and Development Fund) for a few years now.  I have, over the years raised a total of over £180.00, just through searches.
• And finally, saving plastic tops from milk bottles, shampoo bottles etc. can help provide someone with a wheelchair.  Pass them through to Davenport Methodist Church!
We can do so much without it costing us anything!
Yours, Lindsay